This area of our website is intended for intermediaries looking to supply their clients with forms they may require for their share trading.

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Account Opening Form

Click here for the online application.

Adviser Express - New Account Form

Adviser Express - New Account Form


Australian Standard Transfer

This form must be filled out when you intend to undertake an off-market transfer. Your adviser can give you more information about off-market transfers and can help you determine if this is suitable for your needs.

Please note: Both the buyer and the seller need to sign an off-market transfer form.


Change of Details

If you have recently moved or changed your name as a result of marriage, divorce or a formal name change and would like to change your Bell Potter Online account details you will need to notify us in writing and provide supporting identification.

Please note: if your share holdings are not sponsored by Bell Potter you will need to contact each individual share registry and provide them with their required information.


Holdings transfer to Bell Potter

This form is to be used when arranging the transfer of your HIN (including all holdings) or a portion of your CHESS holdings from one CHESS sponsor to Bell Potter.


Issuer Sponsored to CHESS

Use this form if you have share holdings that are issuer sponsored that you would like to move over onto your Bell Potter sponsored CHESS account. Please note you must already be sponsored by Bell Potter and have your unique Holder Identification Number (HIN).


Partly Paid Security Agreement

Complete this form if you intend to purchase any partly paid securities.


Third Party Authority

Fill in this form to allow a third party to have authority to operate on your account and conduct transactions on your behalf. NB This does not include signing power or authorising payments to third parties.


Warrant Agreement

Complete this form if you intent to purchase any warrants


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