Market News

1/10/2016 5:53 AM

Monarch's licence to operate extended

(BBC News) Budget airline Monarch receives an extension to its licence to operate and says it has secured "significant" new funding from shareholders.
1/10/2016 5:16 AM

Monarch's licence to operate extended

(BBC News) Budget airline Monarch receives extension to its licence to operate and 'significant' new funding from shareholders.
1/10/2016 3:57 AM

Fair Game: Executive Pay Clawbacks Are Gratifying, but Not Particularly Effective

(NY Times) Despite clawback provisions at a number of companies, their actual use is somewhat rare — and they aren't particularly effective.
1/10/2016 3:40 AM

Deutsche Bank Troubles Raise Fear of Global Shock

(NY Times) As investors' concerns of another crisis are stoked, the arithmetic is less important than fears about the impotence of European authorities.
1/10/2016 2:30 AM

Deutsche Bank chief Cryan tries to reassure on bank's strength

(BBC News) After troubled Deutsche Bank's shares hit another record low, the chief executive sends an email to reassure staff that the bank's finances are strong.
1/10/2016 2:19 AM

FTSE 100 eases back from earlier losses

(BBC News) London's FTSE 100 eased back from a fall of more than 1% to close down by 0.34% at 6,895.8 points.
1/10/2016 1:31 AM

Oil slump causes Indian workers to leave Saudi Arabia

(BBC News) The closure of companies in Saudi Arabia has left thousands of Indian workers without jobs.
1/10/2016 12:51 AM

Wealth Matters: How Rich Couples Who Aren't Pitt and Jolie Manage Their Divorces

(NY Times) Financial advisers and lawyers say the easiest negotiations usually involve joint parenting pacts and solid prenuptial agreements.
1/10/2016 12:33 AM

Business rate rise to push up cost of broadband, BT says

(BBC News) BT condemns "excessive" new business rates, which it says will push up the cost of broadband services.
1/10/2016 12:08 AM

Wealth of people in their 30s has 'halved in a decade'

(BBC News) People in their early 30s are "half as wealthy" as those now in their 40s were at the same age, a report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies finds.
30/09/2016 11:29 PM

Zimbabwe's import ban fuels smugglers

(BBC News) Import restrictions in Zimbabwe have seen traders resort to smuggling in goods over the border.
30/09/2016 11:27 PM

Pinewood Studios celebrates 80 years of film

(BBC News) Pinewood Studios, which opened its gates in 1936 to compete with Hollywood, is celebrating 80 years of filmmaking.
30/09/2016 9:52 PM

Car makers plan for electric future

(BBC News) The BBC's Theo Leggett has been taking a look at some of the car manufacturers' latest electric concepts at the Paris Motor Show.
30/09/2016 9:34 PM

Ireland's post-Brexit labour pain

(BBC News) Colm O'Regan looks at the implications of Brexit for Irish workers who cross the border on their daily commute.
30/09/2016 8:08 PM

Ofgem investigates 'E' energy supplier

(BBC News) The energy supplier E is to be investigated by the regulator Ofgem for potentially misleading its customers.

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