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21/12/2014 12:37 PM

Chinese Annoyance With North Korea Bubbles to the Surface

(NY Times) A retired general’s scathing account of North Korea as a recalcitrant ally headed for collapse and unworthy of China’s support revealed how far relations between the two countries have sunk.
21/12/2014 11:59 AM

Gulf States and Qatar Gloss Over Differences, but Split Still Hampers Them

(NY Times) The lack of unity is raising questions about the ability of the gulf states to muster a coherent response to a storm of crises.
21/12/2014 10:16 AM

China Invests in Region Rich in Oil, Coal and Also Strife

(NY Times) China is turning the Xinjiang region into a national hub for oil, gas and coal as Uighurs struggle, resenting the reaping of their homeland’s resources.
21/12/2014 7:52 AM

U.S. Asks China to Help Rein In Korean Hackers

(NY Times) As part of its response to the cyberattack on Sony Pictures, the Obama administration has asked China to assist in blocking North Korea’s ability to launch such attacks.
21/12/2014 7:35 AM

Russia Denounces New Round of Western Sanctions

(NY Times) Russia on Saturday derided the United States, Canada and Europe for another set of economic sanctions and new sanctions aimed at blocking foreign investment in Crimea.
21/12/2014 4:30 AM

YouTube’s Chief, Hitting a New ‘Play’ Button

(NY Times) The site is a huge cultural force, but an unfulfilled economic one. Susan Wojcicki’s mission is to change that.
21/12/2014 2:23 AM

Millions shopping on 'Panic Saturday'

(BBC News) UK shoppers are expected to spend a record £1.2bn buying Christmas presents and groceries on what researchers are calling "Panic Saturday".
21/12/2014 2:00 AM

Strategies: Cheaper Oil, Fatter Wallets and a National Opportunity

(NY Times) The drop in the cost of gas gives Americans more spending power, and might also make investments in infrastructure and the environment politically palatable.
21/12/2014 12:26 AM

North Korea Warns U.S. Not to Take Sony Action

(NY Times) Warning of “serious consequences” if the United States retaliates against it, North Korea on Saturday proposed a joint investigation with Washington to prove that it was not behind the cyberattack on Sony Pictures.
21/12/2014 12:09 AM

£1.2bn spent on 'Panic Saturday'

(BBC News) UK shoppers are expected to spend a record £1.2bn buying Christmas presents and groceries on what researchers are calling "Panic Saturday".
20/12/2014 10:44 PM

Plan to help over-50s get jobs

(BBC News) Unemployed over-50s will be offered "career reviews" and help using computers as part of plans to get more people in that age group into work.
20/12/2014 2:02 PM

State of the Art: Amazon Not as Unstoppable as It Might Appear

(NY Times) Despite growing fears of its invincibility, Amazon could be threatened as smartphones transform the way Americans shop and goods are delivered.
20/12/2014 1:47 PM

How to spot a fake at Christmas

(BBC News) On the seasonal lookout for counterfeit goods
20/12/2014 1:20 PM

Dissenting US Fed members warn of risk

( THE US central bank is taking an "unacceptable" risk by not paying more attention to low inflation, a Federal Reserve official says.
20/12/2014 1:07 PM

Obama Vows a Response to Cyberattack on Sony

(NY Times) President Obama said the U.S. would “respond proportionally” to the attack on Sony Pictures after the F.B.I. said it had extensive evidence that North Korea had organized it.

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